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Written by Digital_Ec   
Blazingphoenix hosts some of the most popular online games (free to play!) such as; Team Fortress 2, World Of Warcraft, CounterStrike: GO and much more! Check out our list below to see all of what’s hosted here. You may (or should) become a member in the forum to discuss games and other topics, post on the imageboard, listen to our radio, download some freebies, or just look around!


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- Running patch 1.7, this fully modified COD 4 server is complete with custom maps and mods! More Info..
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- Classic map circulation, standard maps. Fast DL. 102 Tickrate. Free For All. Lastest Steam patch. More Info..


- Mainly fy_iceworld, but does role other custom/classic maps. Modded with Mani Admin Plugin for extra awesomeness. More Info..
 - ctf_2fort, p_gravelpit, p_dustbowl, cp_granary, p_well and other classic map rotation. Fast DL, Aussie community and the odd custom map! More Info..


BF2 Server
- Running map wake island 2007, this classic fps is still alive! Insta Spawn vehicles, Insta respawn, No laag, Aussie community! More Info..


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- Ventrilo is the number one gamers choice for in game voice communication. This is mainly used for raiding or tournaments. More Info..


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- BlazingPhoenix's DC network. To qualify to connect to this hub, please ensure you have AT LEAST 4Gb shared.

Please support the running of this server by kindly clicking an add, or making a simple donation. We appreciate all your support.


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