LAN Games Repository

This is a collection of LAN enabled games, exclusively made by ShoXell.

I or ShoXell have not made any of these releases from scratch. Props go to those who have.

As mentioned before, all of these games CAN BE played in Multi Player mode over LAN. Some of them ARE NOT playable in Single Player mode. And some of them ARE playable in Multi Player mode over WAN (the internet). Please refer to the table below for a complete listing.

Technically, if you can play over the LAN, you can play over the WAN. Please refer to “How to Play Red Alert 2 over the Internet.pdf” in the “CnC RA2+YR [Portable]” archive. You can play the other games the same way.

If you need help regarding any of the games, dont hesitate to ask in the forums!

 .torrent file available here

List of Games:


1. AoE2+Exp [Portable]

Extract Run- “Empires2.exe” to play Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings “age2_x1age2_x1.exe” to play Age of Empires II: The Conquerors (Expansion of the AoK)


2. CnC Generals [Portable]

Extract Run “setup.bat” Run “setup.bat” if you need to change cd-key on the same machine Run “generals.exe”


3. CnC RA2+YR [Portable]

Extract Follow the instructions in “_readme.pdf” Follow the installation in “How to Play Red Alert 2 over the Internet.pdf” to play over WAN


4. Counter Strike 1.6 [Portable]

Extract Run “ShoXell.bat”


5. Counter Strike 1.6 Decated Lite [Portable]

Extract Run “CS1.6DL.exe”


6. Counter Strike 2D [Portable]

Extract Run “Launcher.exe”


7. Counter-Strike Source [Portable]

Extract Run “CSS.exe”

8. Half-Life Death Match Source [Portable]

Extract Run “Half-Life DeathMatch.exe”

9. HALO CE [Portable]

Extract Run “haloce.exe”


10. NFS Hot Pursuit 2 [Portable]

Extract Run “AUTORUN.EXE” and install the game using key from “EA Games Keygen v190.exe” in “ShoXell” folder Copy “NFSHP2.exe” from the “ShoXell” folder to the installation folder Run “EA Games Keygen v190.exe” on each machine. Use the “Change Key” feature to avoid cd-key conflict Enjoy the game over WAN, LAN, or against AI.


11. NFS Underground 2 [Portable]

Extract Run “SetupReg.exe” Run “EA Games Keygen v190.exe” on each machine. Use the “Change Key” feature to avoid cd-key conflict Run “speed2.exe” Note: To get all cars grab a few complete save games profiles from the internet and put them in “%UserProfile%Local SettingsApplication DataNFS Underground 2"


12. Quake3 [Portable]

Extract Run “NYR.exe”


13. StarCraft+BroodWar [Portable]

Extract Run “StarCraft.exe” and choose the version. Note: Maps for the expansion ends in x. For example “something.mpx”


14. Unreal Tournament [Portable]

This is the Game of the Year, a.k.a., G.O.T.Y. edition Extract Run “Unreal Tournament [Portable].bat”


15. Warcraft III + Frozen Throne [Portable]

This version includes D.O.T.A. All Stars, Angel’s Arena, Warhammer 40k, and StarCraft map packs Extract Run “war3.exe” (A better version of this description is included in \"[Portable] LAN Games Repository 1.0.0 [Final].doc\"



Others Include

  ::::16 Age of Mythology [Portable].exe

:::: 17 Burnout Paradise The Ultimate Box [Portable].exe

:::: 18 Call of Duty [Portable].exe

:::: 19 Conflict Global Storm [Portable].exe

 :::: 20 Cossacks - Back To War [Portable].exe

:::: 30 Cossacks - European Wars [Portable].exe

:::: 31 Cossacks - The Art Of War [Portable].exe

:::: 32 Day of Defeat [Portable].exe

:::: 33 Day of Defeat Source [Portable].exe

:::: 34 Faces of War [Portable].exe

:::: 35 Ghost Recon [Portable].exe

:::: 36 Grand Theft Auto 2 [Portable].exe

:::: 37 Civilization 4 Colonization [Portable].exe

:::: 38 Half-Life 2 Deathmatch.exe

:::: 39 Midnight Club 2 [Portable].exe

:::: 40 Serious Sam the First Encounter [Portable].exe

::::41 Serious Sam the Second Encounter [Portable].exe

:::: 42 Soldier of Fortune 2 Double Helix [Portable].exe

:::: 43 Stronghold Crusader Extreme [Portable].exe

:::: 44 SWAT4 [Portable].exe

:::: 45 Team Fortress Classic [Portable].exe

:::: 46 Warhammer 40000 Dawn of War [Portable].exe

 9. Team Fortress 2 [Portable].exe

11. Tony Hawks Pro Skater 4 [Portable].exe 


Last Updated ( Monday, 01 June 2020 )
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